List of Speakers

List of Speakers - Global Speakers Summit 2020

The Global Speakers Summit 2020 will showcase a world-class selection of 65+ local, regional and international professional speakers from 15+ countries all scheduled into an inspiring and insightful four-day summit programme.

Fredrik Härén
Fredrik HärénOpening Keynote

APSS Past-President & GSF International Ambassador Award 2018

Joey Evans
Joey EvansClosing Keynote

Sportsman, Adventurer, Author and Inspirational Speaker
South Africa

Candy Ngula
Candy NgulaMaster of Ceremonies

Past-President of the Professional Speakers Association of Namibia

Michelle McLean-Bailey
Michelle McLean-BaileyGala Dinner Host

Former Miss Namibia & Miss Universe and Professional Speaker

Douglas Kruger
Douglas KrugerDay 2 Opening Keynote

5 x Winner of the SA Championships for Public Speaking
South Africa

Gaby S. Graupner
Gaby S. GraupnerDay 3 Opening Keynote

Past President of the German Speakers Association (GSA)

Billy Selekane
Billy SelekaneDay 4 Opening Keynote

Highest designated professional speaker in Africa
South Africa

Paul ter Wal
Paul ter WalGlobal Terminal Host

President of the Global Speaking Federation (GSF)

Andrew Bryant
Andrew BryantPanel Moderator

Past-President of Asia Professional Speakers - Singapore

Brendan Ihmig
Brendan IhmigPanel Moderator

GSS2020 Chairman & President of the Professional Speakers Association of Namibia

Kristin Arnold
Kristin ArnoldPanel Moderator

Past-President of the National Speakers Association

Mike Handcock
Mike HandcockGSS2020 Speaker

Past-President of the National Speakers Association of New Zealand
New Zealand

Hermien Elago
Hermien ElagoGSS2020 Speaker

GSF Global Ambassador in Namibia

Steve Lowell
Steve LowellGSS2020 Speaker

Incoming Vice President of the Global Speaking Federation (GSF)

Harriet L. Russell
Harriet L. RussellGSS2020 Speaker

Member of NSA and ICF

Rainer Petek
Rainer PetekGSS2020 Speaker

Professional mountain-Guide, Extreme Climber & Inspirational Speaker,

Lindsay Adams
Lindsay AdamsGSS2020 Speaker

Past President of the Global Speaking Federation (GSF)

Sangbreeta Moitra
Sangbreeta MoitraGSS2020 Speaker
Ross Saunders
Ross SaundersGSS2020 Speaker

President of Professional Speakers Association of South Africa
South Africa

Ayesha J. Bibha
Ayesha J. BibhaGSS2020 Speaker

GSS2020 Speaker

Steven Napolitan
Steven NapolitanGSS2020 Speaker

Award-winning and pioneer in the new media market

Kishvin Sirinavin
Kishvin SirinavinGSS2020 Speaker

Vice President of the Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers

Stephanie Staples
Stephanie StaplesGSS2020 Speaker

Coach, Motivation and Inspirational Speakers

Christian Buchholz
Christian BuchholzGSS2020 Speaker

Innovation Expert, Inspiring Global Speaker and Author

Steve Bustin
Steve BustinGSS2020 Speaker

President of the Professional Speakers Association of UK & Ireland
United Kingdom

Dixie Carlton
Dixie CarltonGSS2020 Speaker

Fiction & Non-Fiction Writer, Publisher and Speaker

Richard Mulvey
Richard MulveyGSS2020 Speaker

Past President of Professional Speakers Association of South Africa
South Africa

Andy Preston
Andy PrestonGSS2020 Speaker

Global Sales Speaker
United Kingdom

Sha Nacino
Sha NacinoGSS2020 Speaker

Global Speaker and Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM)

Gijs Hillmann
Gijs HillmannGSS2020 Speaker

International Corporate Trainer, Speaker, Executive Coach and Moderator

Juanita Vorster
Juanita VorsterGSS2020 Speaker

Certified Director, Ethics Officer, and Chartered Public Relations Practitioner
South Africa

Alphabetical List of GSS2020 Speakers

Andrew Bryant (Singapore)
Andy Preston (UK)
Ayesha Jahan Bibha (Australia)
Betty-Anne Howard (Canada)
Billy Selekane (South Africa)
Brendan Ihmig - GSS2020 Chairman & PSAN President (Namibia)
Candy Ngula - PSAN Past-President (Namibia)
Chris Davidson (UK)
Christian Buchholz (Germany)
Coen Welsh (Namibia)
Cyriel Kortleven (Belgium)
Dixie Carlton (Australia)
Douglas Kruger - 5x Winner SA Public Speaking Championships (South Africa)
Edith Lassiat (France)
Edward G Young III (USA)
Eksteen de Waal (Holland)
Ergin Özdemir (Sweden)
Erica Mulondo (Namibia)
Dr. Frank Hagenow (Germany)
Fanny Walter (France)
Fredrik Härén - APSS Past-President & GSF International Ambassador Award 2018 (Singapore)
Frowa Schuitemaker - PSAH President (Holland)
Gaby S. Graupner - GSA President (Germany)
Gijs Hillmann (Holland)
Gustav Gous (South Africa)
Harriet L. Russell - Member of NSA and ICF (USA)
Hermien Elago - GSF Global Ambassador (Namibia)
Ian Hatton (South Africa)
Jan Tern (Sweden)
Joey Evans (South Africa)
Juanita Vorster (South Africa)
Karen Tui Boyes (New Zealand)
Katja Schleicher (Holland)
Kay-Leigh de Sousa (Namibia)
Kevin Cottam (Singapore)
Kishvin Sirinavin (Malaysia)
Kristin Arnold - (USA)
Landi Jac (South Africa)
Laura Baxter (Germany)
Laurent Storch (France)
Lindsay Adams (Australia)
Madeleine Black (UK)
Marina Naomi Smolyanov (Israel)
Michelle McLean-Bailey - former Miss Universe (Namibia)
Mike Handcock (New Zealand)
Monique Blokzyl (Germany)
Paul ter Wal - GSF President (Holland)
Radislav Gandapas - CIS President (Russia)
Rainer Petek - Extreme Alpinist & Member of GSA (Germany)
Ross Saunders - PSASA President (South Africa)
Sangbreeta Moitra (Holland)
Sha Nacino (Philippines)
Stephanie Staples (Canada)
Steve Bustin - President PSAUKI (UK)
Steve Lowell - CAPS Past-President & GSF Incoming Vice-President (Canada)
Steven Napolitan (USA)
Tabea Boye (Namibia)
Ulrike Stahl (Germany)

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